Wood Mouldings

The company produces timber mouldings that fall into three distinct categories.

1) Building moulding for the new home market or home extensions. The main profiles are Door Jambs, Architraves, Quad, D.A.R. (S4S) and Panelling.

2) Moulding sold through hardware retail outlets directed at the D.I.Y /Home handyman market. These are smaller than Building Moulding & comprise Quads, Coverstrips, Scotias, Fly Moulds, Picture Frame Moulding & D.A.R.(S4S) These mouldings are normal sold to hardware outlets in bundles of fixed pcs per bundle & fixed length of 4, 6 or 8 ft. Each piece is individually bar-codes.

wood mouldings

3) Moulding for furniture & furniture components. These are usually short, specific in dimension, cut to length & palletised. We can also provide color-coding if required.