Wood Broom Handles

Handles range from ¾ diam. to 1 1/8 diam. and length are normally 3ft. to 6ft.Handles for paint rollers may even be up to 8ft. long. In most cases one end is domed and the other end cut square or in some cases tapered. Steel rakes usually require a tapered handle.

The most common sizes for handles are 22 diam. and 25 diam. In lengths from 1.2m to 1.8m in half foot rises.

In Australia. 22diam x 1.35 (7/8 x 4 ½ ) is very popular , whilst in the U.S. 24mm diam. (15/16) is common.
It is normal for handles to be tied up in bundles of 25pcs but this can be varied to suit the buyer.

In the case of handles going to a broom or tool factory either local or overseas the handles are not tied in bundles but loaded direct into a Euro Crate or Bulk Packed. The crate then becomes a “storage bin” for the manufacturer of the end product.

Common Sizes
Imperial Sizes Actual Metric Size Invoice Size
3/4 inch 19 mm 19 mm
7/8 inch 22.2 mm 22 mm
15/16 inch 23.8 mm 24 mm
1 inch 25.4 mm 25 mm
1 1/8 inch 28.6 mm 29 mm
handle Bulk packing
Standard 25 piece Bundles

Standard Handle Packing
19mm Diam. 25 pcs per bdl. 110 bdl. per crate
22mm Diam. 25 pcs per bdl. 80 bdl. per crate
24mm Diam. 20 pcs per bdl. 88 bdl. per crate
25mm Diam. 25 pcs per bdl. 63 bdl. per crate
29mm Diam. 15 pcs per bdl. 78 bdl. per crate

If not bundled, i.e. bulk packed quantities per crate are around 10% more than above.

Most handles for Brooms / Rakes / Tools are normally domed on one end. The other end can be cut square or tapered according to buyer’s needs. SDM can also provide accurately drilled holes if requested.