Specialists in Dowels, Handles & Detailed Moulding

About Sankey Dowels & Mouldings Sdn. Bhd.

Front view of the factory

Sankey Dowels & Moulding has been operating in Malaysia for 30 years . The business has it’s roots going back 3 generations to it’s beginning in Sydney, Australia in 1907.

The company is known for it’s skills acquired over many years – specialising in the manufacture of primarily dowels and associated mouldings, which are directed to the D.I.Y / Handyman market in Australia, U.S., U.K., Europe and South Africa and more recently, Malaysia.

The company has over the years, pioneered many procedures, techniques and innovations that are now taken for granted in the timber industry / e.g. multiple milling – ripping and milling in moulding machines and the design of “Euro Crates” for fast and damage free stuffing of containers for export.